Can anyone help at all?

Morning all,

I'm being harassed by the DWP and wonder if there are any advocacy organisations that can intercede on my behalf?  I use my telephone to play Scrabble and occasionally read the papers.  The DWP have been told to email or write letters, yet they persist in ringing...

I've not spoken to strangers with an agenda for years and am not inclined to change my position, being of a solitary nature and for the most part avoiding other people.  I was forced to attend a meeting on Tuesday, which went rather badly because I lost control, started screaming and was escorted from the building.  I am obliged to put myself through this nonsense for as long as I am in the Work Related Activity Group (WRAG), which I've been moved to while I appeal their decision to move me from the Support Group.

I am afraid that I will assault the work coach when I see her on Thursday and would prefer to avoid contact with anyone at the DWP. 

Advice would be much appreciated.  It is 03.38 and I cannot sleep for worry and mid level rage.  I just want the DWP not to provoke me into violence.  I could not cope in jail.  Feeling a bit hemmed in this morning.