Social Life!

Hi all!

So autism is notorious for preventing us from leading social lives like most other people. Of course, people have different ways of dealing with this. Some people decide that they don't want friends altogether, others will try to keep friends but don't succeed, and others still will be successful in keeping friends. Would be interested in knowing how autism has affected your attempts of having a social life?x

Much love <3

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  • You've pretty much covered it.

    I had friends on and off.  But lost contact with all of them. Reasons are, I don't really understand friendship, I didn't value them, I'm self absorbed, I say inappropriate things, I behave inappropriately,  I am very anti social. I'm shy, I'm prone to unexpected violence.  Now it is very difficult to make any connection with people.

    In contrast.  My older sister who is NT is still in contact and friends with girls from her infant school.

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