30!!! Adult? Feel about 12!!!

Do any of you feel a lot younger than your years? I'm 30 (?!). I feel about 12 a lot of the time. I walk, and feel like running, there is a spring in my step, an energetic need to jump, to dance, to giggle. Conversely, I sometimes get an extreme sense of immobility, when my legs feel like lead and are hard to move. It's either one or the other, with me. The intense energy tends to come first thing in the morning, and often after an interest binge. I feel about 5 ha!. How can I be 30? Adult? What?

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  • I remember my grandmother telling me that she didn't feel any different inside than when she was a teenager.  She was 80 at the time.

    I am 63 and not only feel a lot like I did when I was 10, a lot of time those memories come flooding back, not all of them bad. And I still engage in childish pursuits such as blowing bubbles and avoiding the cracks of paving slabs. I hope I never grow up!