Self-Employed? Going to Women & Girls conference 21 Nov? Let's meet up?


I'm new to the forum, in fact I'm fairly new to realising I have High Functioning Aspergers (or whatever we're supposed to call it these days!). Please bear with me whilst I figure out the etiquette of the forum...

The Women & Girls conference in Manchester on Tuesday 21 Nov will be my first in-person interaction with the autism community so I was hoping to meet some other ladies who are self-employed and say hello.

Perhaps we could meet at the beginning of the lunch break near the registration desk and head to lunch together? I'm open to other suggestions too!

If you're self-employed but not going to the conference perhaps we can at least say hello & connect on here?

feeling hopeful...

DaisyDuck :-) 

PS everyone else seems to have "community names" and this one made me smile!

  • Hi there DaisyDuck, I'm in the process of setting up my own business and wasn't aware of this conference ~ I'm now wondering if I would be able to make it. I'll look into it tomorrow. If I do make it, I would love to meet up. 

    Your name makes me smile also :-) good choice 

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