What was your epiphany? how did you know/think you were ASD?

What led you seek diagnosis? 

  • For me it was an online article that I was casually reading one lunchtime, about a woman in her 40s who had just been diagnosed with Aspergers. Nearly choked on my sandwich, this was me all over, every bit of it. Then followed obsessive research into the subject, including Tania Marshall's female Asperger traits list (like Elephant, it would have been quicker to cross off the ones that didn't apply than to tick the ones that did). So then I was sure and wow, the relief to know that the tangled heap of weirdness that typifies my life to date has a single explanation!! 

    I am currently self-diagnosed but add to the above AQ score of 37 and aspie quiz 140-something ND, 50-odd NT and there is not much doubt left in my mind. I am off for a formal assessment in a couple of weeks .... which I am jointly excited and terrified by. The expert who will be assessing me specialises in AS in women and girls and has said that based on the evidence I have provided to date, there is a distinct possibility that AS could be the explanation. I honestly don't know what I will do if the answer is no it's not though. I am so sure it is, I can't really compute a negative answer. I am like a cat on hot bricks waiting, that's for sure.

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