Financial help for autistic children?

Is this something that happens? My daughter was diagnosed in January, she is 15. Should she get any financial assistance or anything? I have no idea. No one has said anything to us and there's no information in the pack they sent us. I have no idea what she's entitled to. Can anyone shed any light?

  • You can claim DLA   it is not means tested, just got to fill in a claim form .when she is 16 she then can claim PIP .

  • The support/aftercare service after diagnoses in the UK is appalling. You are basically left to figure it all out yourself. 

  • I don't know what any of those are. But I think my cousin has PIP and she has to be means tested. Thanks though Slight smile

  • Thanks, yes it seems that way! Zero information at all.

  • when i was diagnosed i was given several leaflets all about benefits. . I was asked If i needed advice in that area and I refused at the time. 

    So some places are more clued in I guess

  • " some places " and leaflets  really sums it up  in this country. We have done something on the surface ( cheap leaflets and soundbites ) (  for political gain and bullet points, ), But we don't want to know or take seriously unless you want to go private and we make money through shares in private health care companies. These are the really sick people amongst us. 

  • pip and dla aren't means tested .It is based on your needs ,my daughter gets about £150 a week she gets this if she is working or not. she would struggle to get a job because of her disability , so this is a real lifeline to give her the chance of a better life. If you feel your daughter would struggle to work needs extra help ,it would be worth helping her to get theses benefits.

  • Hi, as other people here have said, the DLA for children and PIP for adults is not based on diagnosis but how any conditions affect daily living. It’s not means tested. The forms  are difficult and emotional to compete and to be successful in the claim you need to focus on all the negatives. There is a very good charitable website which gives excellent guidance  about how to complete these awful forms, there is a small membership fee ( just under £20)  but for that you get access to member guides on all benefits including ESA, how to appeal, how to complete forms, the whole process etc, in an easy to read format. 

    There may be other things you can apply for her such as a disabled railcard,  your Council’s Local Offer on their website should give you information on where to get advice about what support is available in your area for your daughter as well. There may be a specific organisation that can help too, otherwise you could try Citizens Advice Bureaux and Mencap.

    sorry I meant to include the website in my reply 

  • Thanks, I downloaded a 40 page form from the gov website, now got to fill it in...She deserves all the help she can get, it's a bit late for me.