Help with difficult behaviour of 10 year old daughter, new diagnosis

I'm mum to my 10 year old daughter recently diagnosed with Asperger's. Please can you help point me towards resources and ideas to support communicating within families without aggression and overload.

She masks and "does well" at school, but she us a "3pm-er" and her shouting and aggression at home is exhausting for me, and scares her 6 year old sister. My ability to communicate with her about this is very poor at the moment. 

  • Hi, most local Councils have an ‘autism hub’ or similar on their website. It’s usually under ‘disability services’, these usually list local resources for people on the spectrum and their families. Phoning your local Autism Services centre would also be another good call to find out about local resources. Lastly but not least, maybe try phoning the helpline on this website to see what advice they can offer?