So stressed and unhappy

Hi all. This is the first time posting so not really sure how much to say or what’s acceptable. 

Im on holiday with my little boy, currently under assessment and really quite behavioural due to disruption in his routine with school hols, etc. My boy is 5yrs and has a twin brother. 

Only our first day and he is on the ceiling. So stressed and sensory overload going on. Just had a massive row with other half because when my boy is hurting and says hurtful things, causes scenes and has his moments, frankly I don’t know what to do to help so my reaction is to row with OH. Obviously this doesn’t help and I’m not happy at all. In fact, I’m just sat on the balcony whilst the other three are down by the pool because I just needed some time out. I’ve just sat and cried for the past hour really. He’s not usually this overwhelmed when we travel and just gets on with things but I feel like as he gets older the behaviour becomes more significant and the gap between him and his peers ever so much more noticeable. 

Sorry to whinge, I’m not even sure what response I’m looking for, I’m just feeling a bit at the end of my tether at the moment and feel like after only 1 day I want to go home. Also worried about my relationship with OH. Just feel like he always just ignores when I try and raise the issues with my boy, like he doesn’t see anything wrong at all, then when we have these episodes he suddenly become the professional, ie: this is what we need to be doing/ should have done/ what he needs etc. All very frustrating and painful. 

Thanks if you have read this far. Xx