Eating problems

Hi everyone

My name is Zec and it is obvious to all of us that my 2 year old granddaughter is on the spectrum and she displays more and more problems the older she gets.

She is waiting to be seen at a local centre that deals with autism.

But my main worry is her eating, sometimes she will happily eat and demolish a plate of food but most of the time it is a battle to get her to eat!

I know with every child the issues are varied but I am desperate for advice!

When she was a couple of weeks old she was admitted to hospital and given a feeding tube, I don't know if that is related?

She is very attached to me and I think that might be because I am a constant? I am disabled and unable to work and so gramps is always sat in the same place when she comes over, she will be here everyday during the week and my daughter has noticed she is fussier over food at the weekend.

It breaks my heart that she wont eat, of course we don't care what she wants to eat, as long as she does!

Is there any advice you can give?