Child's eq-sq score


Not sure if any one could help me with this, we as some of you are probably aware I am trying to get my daughter assessed for asd ( we have no doubt)  and it was suggested that I try some of the online tests to support her referral, I completed the c.a.s.t one and she scored 25 (15-32 should be considered for referral ) I also did the eq-sq one that has 55 questions I downloaded the scoring key but it has given no idea what the scores indicate? 

It seems to be a combination of the eq for children and the Sq for children her score was 39 on the combined one, basically it broke down to a score of 7/54 for eq questions and 32/56 for sequencing questions. 

I was just wondering if anyone else has used these questionnaires and could possibly shed some light on the scoring! 

Thank you