hello everyone


Hi to everyone on here I have just joined this myself I would like to make friends I have autism adhd ptsd and I get upset alot I have got two dogs that I take on the bus and i try n take them everywhere i can i like listening to music and i know the words to most songs and i love Disney stuff i am very good at drawing i sometimes haven't got alot of confidence and i don't choose to speak to people in the street much cos it scares me and i sum times don't know if sumones good or bad i have a late diagnosis i am 31 this year i spend alot of time with my dogs but it would be nice to talk sum times and fit in hopefully i will fit in on here i am a bit hard on myself and i lack things to find to do i repeat things and i can be loud and swear sum times and i can be withdrawn as well and go on n on a bit

  • Hi, I had a late diagnosis at 52. I am also a dog lover with two dogs , we had 3 but unfortunately one passed away.

    like you lacking in confidence and I repeat things over and over when I get stressed and sure swearing too.

  • Hi

    You have a few good interests. I love all forms of music and cannot get enough to listen to. My memory is nowhere near as good as yours, I end up making up my own words, which can be humorous.  Disney movies are what my generation grew up with and I still watch them.  I'm not really into dogs, but I must say I do like those two dogs on Gardeners World.

    Lots of us are being diagnosed late, discovered my AS in mid-fifties. I find the lack of confidence thing quite interesting. In myself I feel quite confident inside about my abilities, but do feel very uncomfortable opening up to other people, unless they help me by opening themselves up too. Recently I have started blocking thoughts of such awkwardness and I have become much more talkative. I'm sort of copying what other chatty people do and it seems to be making me more relaxed. Not sure if I'm any more confident about it, but something seems to be changing and I don't rapidly grind to a halt when chit chatting. I am finding it easier to mix with new people and yes it is enjoyable. I guess that in turn will make me more confident. This all started when I had a counsellor. An hour talking about myself each week flew by and showed me that I could do it. Now, I do remember to ask other people about themselves, sometimes. People like that. Texting is a lot easier, because I have time to think. I suppose you can only judge when someone is good or bad when you get to know them, by what they say and do. you can let the bad ones go, but you'll know the good ones, because they will make you happy, talk to you and accept you for who you are. They'll help you to develop self-confidence and they'll want to be with you. Keep those ones in your life, but let friendship develop naturally, over time.

    I admire people that have the skill to draw. I'm primitive, still drawing matchstick people. I imagine it is very absorbing and satisfying.

    We all feel a bit like you do from time to time. I'm sure you'll fit in here. It's good to talk. Not everyone does it and that can be a bit disappointing. So, feel free to chat if you want to. You might be pleasantly surprised.