Hi Everyone,

I was wondering if anyone out there is in to Dance - I AM A HUGH FAN. 

Since i was five, i have been going to ballet, disco, jazz and musical threatre dance lessons and loved it. Also, i have been to many venues - Royal Albert Hall, Butlins, Pontins, Blackpool (all in UK) and Disneyland Paris (France, obs). 

Also, what do you like about dance? i like it because it gives me freedom to be who i want to be and not worry about being different.

So, what lessons do you do? Have you been to any famous venues to dance with your dance school? 

Let Me Know! 

Belle x 

  • I don't really dance, unless you count headbanging as dancing. I ususally feel awkward or clumsy if I have to do it in public. Then again I find that I can follow the moves in aqua aerobics sessions quite well!!! I remember I was in Wilkos once, it was this yime of year and Mike Oldfield's "In Dulci Jubilo" came on , and I had to resist the urge to start skipping around the store. I do like to dance at home, tho in warmer weather it's spilled into the garden, and to In Dulci Jubilo, at the height of summer  tho if the neighbours could hear it they#d think I was nuts!!! Tho I think there's a difference between being nuts in an eccentric way, to being nuts in a sociopathic or psychopathic way!!!  

  • Hi  KillerQueen1971

    Well that is very interesting - but i dont count headbanging as dance (sorry!). 

    Like you, i dance where ever i go, when i was younger i use to dance in the aisles of the supermarket! Of course, i have to resits the urge to now, as the little kids all stare at me if i did! i also dance at home and in the garden to - i think its very fun. 

    I never heard of Mike Oldfield's "In Dulci Jubilo" before, but i check it out on youtube  

    And about the neighbours - dont worry about it, its your garden, you can do what you want in it! 

    Belle x 

  • Hi Mistress Belle,

    I gather Mike Oldfield had you dancing, it's just one of those tunes. It must be 1976 I started infants school and I know often at school assembley Mike Oldfield's In Dulci Jubilo and Portsmouth tracks were sometimes playeed, they stuck in my head, tho I'd never heard of Mike Oldfield, until he remade the Blue Peter theme (tho I used to watch Tiswas too), then he released Moonlight Shadow , and I thought "That's the Tubular Bells dude". Oh yes everyone had an LP of Tubular Bells in the 70's, it wasn't really until later on I discovered more of Mike Oldfield Tubular Bells, Hergest Ridge and Ommadawn are what I consider the Holy Trinity of MO albums, I do like some of his more recent releases , the Songs Of Distant Earth Voyager , and also Music Of The Spheres his classical album.
    I knopw maybe headbanging doesn't count as dancing as such, but it's moving your head rythmically to Heavy Rock or Metal, check out Judas Priest (that's one band I'd lie to see live) Check out  live videos on youtube. I tell a lie there I haven't seen Queen, well I've seen 3/4 of Queen, tho I haven't seen Queen with the Late Great Freddie Mercury, tho I was there for his TributeConcert!!! I was 15 when Queen played Wembley and Knebworth in '86 and wasn't allowed to go .
    A look through my music collection may reveal a few surprises, I love Rock, Metal , Blues, to Prog, Glam some Phsychedelia and Classical, Tho I do like the Electronica of Gary Numan, and also Kraftwerk I love how Autobahn soars and soars!!! I do have some folk and Reggae. About the only music I really cannot stand is Country/Country & Western, and Leonard Cohen (so morbid) . Tho Johnny Cash was Country tho the ukulele group play Ring Of Fire and Folsom Prison Blues, so enjoy those songs, tho I think so many of the bands artists mentioned don't strictly fall into one category of music.               

  • Hi MistressBelle,

    I am a lot older than you, and these days I don't go dancing / clubbing any more because at my age it feels uncomfortable to be looked at, but yes - going back 22 years I used to go clubbing all the time - it was you say "My release".

    Back then I was living alone in a flat in the city centre (manchester), I had just ended a long and damaging relationship and was learing how to cope with what at times seemed like too much time to listen to my own brain. My release was dancing. There was a club just 100 yards from where I lived and two of three times a week I'd go there on my own with absolutey no aim to meet anyone but just to lose myself in the music and dancing and euphoria till 1 or 2 in the morning. Loved it. Loved it. Loved it sooooooo much. Some people go to the gym, I danced.  

    If you love dancing then go for it - be yourself.

  • Hell yeah I love to dance. Mostly urban / street / club dancing such as 'shuffle' (YouTube it ) or hardstyle . It's a hangover of my crazy days. 

    I like that through dancing (very well)  I can dissuade the myths surrounding Aspergers and creativity. I love that it sets me free. I used to like all the attention it earned me from the opposite gender :')  but that was in my late teens / early 20s. I'm 28 now.

  • I love the dance too bust mostly free style because i'm not good at dancing and lessons cost too much and i'm to shy to dance around people but when i'm alone then i get to shine and no one will judge me. but if i could learn to dance then i would the other problem is i just get tired out quickly.