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Hi I am dave25 and after along time I have been diagnosed with autism and learning difficulties I love Disney fairytales from age and still I also love home and away I have most episodes from 1995 on tapped I never miss a episode ever since 1995 my favece actor in the show is ray meagher. Who plays alf stewert since 1988 on. My fave Disney films are jungle book and beauty and the beast gaston and baloo are my faves I am currently looking to make new friends online or even find a girlfriend lol I live in birkenhead Liverpool I also enjoy going to phab with my friends but me haven't met for a while anyone who is intreasted in a chat please reply
  • Hello Gaston

    Welcome to the community Smile

    I hope you'll enjoy taking part in the discussions and make some new online friends. I just wanted to make to it clear for everyone that unfortunately we are unable to allow our users to share personal contact details here. I hope you'll understand that we have this rule in place to protect all of our users. This means that any friendship here can't go beyond joining in our online discussions at this time.

    There is a service called Outsiders which has been recommended by a couple of people on the spectrum as a good place for making friends and possibly forming relationships. I've just had a quick look at their website and they appear to be opening a new branch in Merseyside soon. If you want to look into it, here's a link to their website:


    Perhaps some of our other users will have some suggestions too, we'd love to hear them.

    Good luck.

    Sandra - mod

  • i absolutely love disney films and disneyland paris or anything to do with disney i love beauty and the beast and the jungle book as well my favourites are fantasia/fantasia 2000,alice in wonderland and sleeping beauty 

  • Disney is great!! Do you like Pixar, or just the pure Disney films? Do you like Frozen?

  • Hello Gaston,

    My name is Adrian and I love Disney character as well. Disneyland characters are my autistic world. the reason I loves Disney characters because when I've been to Disneyland and played with the costumed characters, I enjoy the feel of the costume when I gave them a hug, like touching a real teddy. So it's because the feel of them (especially when it's came out as a figurines, dolls or costume characters like in disneyland. I also think I am related to them as lots of disney characters looks autistic like the people in Alice in wonderland, peter pan as he refuse to grow and want everythings looks the same, winnie the pooh characters, stitch and the beast from beauty and the beast. so that's why I love Disney character very much.

  • Gaston, have you been to disneyland orlando or california yet? i am planning to go there next year. in disneyland. in disneyland, i only interested in the costume characters greeting while don't like the ride.

    so just want to know have you been to disneyland california or orlando and take pictures with the characters there? if yes can you give me some information about the characters duration in the park, time of the line and the location etc. and also do the character meet and greet have the fastpass for specialneed where you can skip the queue?

    please can you reply to me as soon as possible?


  • You ought to collect Disney toys like dolls as a hobby. I also like Disney movies.