Visiting local attractions

Hello everyone.

On Friday 28th February, me and my parents went to Colchester Zoo in Essex. We saw lots of animals, including a couple of baby meerkats that were only a week old at the time. I used to visit this attraction, and similar attractions, in my childhood days, however there is one problem. My parents usually go there every week, but much as I would love to do the same thing, the place is usually very busy with large crowds of sometimes noisy children. I struggle to cope with this over a two or three hour period, and I would probably struggle even more on a weekly basis. A weekday visit during the school terms would be fine as it would be a bit less crowded, but a Saturday, Sunday or public holiday visit would be a bit overwhelming fo me, as an autistic person.

The chances are that some autistic people actually love animals, zoos etc., but the chances are that they have difficulties coping with large, noisy crowds such as myself. If zoos are busy at certain times, other local attractions such as art galleries, museums, amusement arcades etc would be busy as well. So instead of visiting these attractions myself, I would probably go on day trips on my own instead. I would then feel more independent, more relaxed, and be away from those crowds, which I think is the right thing to do.

Have any of you been on school trips or family days out to local attractions? If so, what was it like? Do any of you have difficulties coping with large crowds such as myself?

Any interesting stories or opinions would be appreciated.

  • I don't like crowds, so I would never be seen at a busy theme park or other large leisure venue. Museums, however, are usually quieter, and I had a great time at Osborne House last year, which, despite being a very hot day, was pretty quiet inside.

    I can't stand flashing camera lights. Everyone seems to be at it these days - last year I visited Petworth House, and my experience was somewhat marred by the constant flashing of lights; such a distraction.

  • I would also imagine that a visit to a zoo would be great fun, although I have not visited one since I went to Marwell as a kid.

  • Hopes you enjoyed your visit. I also visit a local zoo in my are which is best for spending a couple of hours. The name of that Zoo is Dehradun Zoo.