Share your photography...

I love being outside taking photos. It's healthy and it makes me happy to be doing photography. 

Here's a photo I took recently of a rainbow that followed after a bad storm. 

  • My all time favourite photo that I took working on an alpaca farm! Heart eyes

  • I took this on holiday recently. It is of a seagull who looked like she ruled the roost in her own personal castle.

    I love the rainbow picture!!

  • A brilliant idea! Now you're talkin'!! I loved photography so much as a young man, now my eyesight isn't what it was and I can't see the phone screen so I have to guess a bit. I'll try to find some photos. Incidentally, I am now starting to think that my father was autistic in the same way as me. He wasn't present during my childhood much, but I can now see so many similarities. Anyway, I tell you this because his job was as a photographer for a technical firm which meant he could be alone a lot. Right... now to find a photo...