How good is your memory?

Does anybody else struggle with their short term memory?

This is becoming a serious problem for me. If I watch or read something I literally cannot remember what happened five minutes before. I usually remember the main characters names but that's about it. This is such a weird thing for me because as a kid I had a great memory, especially long term, but also short term memory too. The books I read as a kid I remember easily like I read them yesterday but as an adult it's becoming a real problem.

I don't know if this is an autistic thing or if it's maybe related to anxiety. I say anxiety because this is something that affects me in many different ways and I've considered it might be affecting my memory now.

My MH team would likely say it's mental health related which is why I haven't told them yet :') 

It definitely isn't an age thing because I've only just turned 27. But it's becoming an annoying problem to say the least!

  • When travelling I can remember the directions to said place, no need to consult a map, I can picture the route and am able to get to places I've been before with no problems.

    Wow I wish I could do this.

    I have a very good sense of direction, but I'm bad at navigating via roads. It's by far the weakest part of my driving abilities. Even with a satnav, I struggle with large junctions and roundabouts that I haven't been on before. I don't handle new situations well to begin with, so it's even worse when travelling at speed.

    I always know which direction I'm facing and where I've come from and where I want to go, which works well for hiking, but when driving it doesn't translate into navigating ability. I can't tell from looking out of the windscreen where a particular road will ultimately go - whether it will curve around in a circle onto the motorway or go off into the town, and when making split second decisions I often get it wrong.

  • My memory is really good in some ways and terrible in others.

    I can remember every film I've ever seen and what happens from start to finish, what's said, and I can picture it in a photographic way. I've always been able to do this. 

    When travelling I can remember the directions to said place, no need to consult a map, I can picture the route and am able to get to places I've been before with no problems.

    However when it comes to remembering to drink I am terrible. My memory is awful from that regard and it's led to serious dehydration and hospitalisation several times.

  • Shorter term... Basically nonexistent, I won't even remember if I've eaten or drunk today.

    Something insignificant from 20 years ago? Oh yeah, I'll remember every exact detail, who was there, what they were wearing, smells, everything.

  • My memory is excellent. I can remember things from when I was really little. I can remember everywhere I've ever been and who I spoke to, what shops I went to; and what the weather was like.

    Memory is a bit of a gift for me and it's one of the things that got me my job as a personal assistant where I do a lot of typing which requires remembering conversations and things I've read.

    As a child I had an excellent memory, able to recount what my teachers said at school, my parents and the teachers were always amazed at how I could do that so easily.

    Like you though, I struggle to remember what I've watched. Especially films. I think where films are so fast paced and there's always lots happening it's too much to process at once and my brain can't absorb it all.
    I don't know that for definite but I am guessing that's what the problem is, for me at least.

    Other than that though my memory is good.

  • My memory is overall very weak. I can never tell a story to someone else cause I can't remember events in my life, also if I read something educational, I will remember the concept but not the names in it. And I need to come across people, multiple times to learn their names and faces, so sometimes I try to remember them by their vibe or clothes or car. I guess my mind won't try to remember and learn things that are uninteresting to it.

    But forgetting names makes me look so much dumber, like I know the concept in my mind but because I can't talk about it properly without names or other specific things, I just can't share things. Like I envy people who can info dump. 

  • Well... Sorry what was the question again?

  • I can remember pointless, trivial stuff from my childhood like my nan’s telephone number, when she’s been dead 25 years but important stuff from within the last week, I forget and it annoys the crap out of me! Funny old thing the brain. I sometimes wish I could get a new one. 

  • My memory is shocking 

    I make notes for everything but then forget to look at my notes sometimes. I remember useless stuff also. I am however able (if something triggers a thought) to take myself back to a time and feel exactly how I felt and see the interaction in my mind as a short film almost. Music is also a huge trigger for this. I guess this ties in with my hyper empathy. 

  • I remember things i don't need to and forget the things i need to remember. Sometimes, time stops and I forget what I'm in the middle of doing or talking about 

  • I have a very good memory for facts and figures and random information.

    I have a very poor episodic memory. I basically don't remember a lot of my life and rely on other people to tell me what happened. For this reason I now keep a diary every day so I have a single source of truth.

  • I've always thought of memory as one of my super powers - I have a spookily accurate memory for events in my life, peoples' names and faces and general factual recall of random stuff.

  • Ah-ha I'm like you with the random memory stuff. My memory is completely random. I never remember the important stuff but I can remember loads of classic cars registrations, I can picture all the places I've been to - I remember several from America as if I'd been there yesterday! 

    But reading books, watching movies, yeah I forget them pretty quickly. I'll usually remember the plot but names of characters... Poof, gone before it's entered my head.

    Maybe it is an autistic thing she partly anxiety in there for good measure. :/

  • My memory is weird.

    I can remember random moments in my life and the exact date they happened on. I can remember things people said etc.

    I can't remember important stuff. Studying for exams just wasn't my thing. I haven't always been the best at reflecting on my own behaviour.