Night wandering.

I love night wandering. It's unfortunate this time of year is so cold otherwise I would walk through the fields, last night however I settled for walking through my house.

During past summers I walked through the fields around my house and it looked beautiful because it's dark but still light enough to see.

At night everything is so quiet. No sounds other than the house creaking and the occasional bit of wildlife outside, often seen but never heard. I had missed this when I was away in hospital. Last year I had heard an owl hooting merrily to itself.

It's felt so natural to be back in a familiar place with these familiar sounds. I love how everything looks different in the dark as well, it's eery in a way but amazing.

I like to see the gradual transition as it begins to get lighter. Watching the sky change and brighten is an incredible sight to behold, there's so many shades changing smoothly.

I'm tired now. I was up between 1 and 2, I find it hard to sleep and at night I like to be moving around. This used to annoy my mum because she put me to bed and within the hour I was awake again. Lol. I've always loved night wandering.

I wonder if this has to do with autism or if it's just an unusual thing I do.

  • This isn't something I do but it sounds really nice, and you describe it so well you make me want to do it.

    I've always lived in cities and towns and I wouldn't feel safe being out at night.

    Also, I can't see in the dark so that wouldn't help.

    I don't know whether it's related to autism but hopefully you may get some feed back here.

    I hope you keep enjoying Crescent moon

  • I wouldn't want to do it either living in a city.

    In the country I don't encounter anybody. I've seen sheep before, their eyes glow in the dark when light hits.

    It's spooky but cool at the same time.

    It is an nice experience but you definitely need 20/20 vision otherwise you could hurt yourself.

  • Hi L.........unrelated to the above......I don't really do that thing

  • Hey Number, 

    No problem at all! I know not everybody does :) x

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