Bizarre question

A short while ago I happened to hear a song that immediately made me think of someone that I would now prefer not to be reminded of, as it causes me to feel a whole host of unwanted negative emotions. It wasn't so much the song itself, but the group singing it.

I know it's a long shot, but would anyone happen to know if there is a realistic way to stop the association? Whilst attempting to inflict a brain injury on myself that results in selective amnesia is an option, it is one that I would personally prefer not to try. Wink

  • I would like to clear a lot of unpleasant associations too Thumbsup Having new pleasanter associations with the same thing might help exorcise the older unpleasant ones, in your case with the singing group Slight smile

  • I think I would just settle for feeling indifferent and unaffected. Laughing

    Fortunately, the group is one I am usually able to avoid unless I make a point of listening to a particular genre of music from a particular era.

    To be fair, when I heard the song I'd been feeling low. Were it not for that, it's possible that it might not have affected me quite as much.

    I am sorry that you have unpleasant associations you wish you could clear. If only one could point a remote control at one's head and banish them.

  • I read an article a LONG time ago about psychological "Engrams" which seems to be what you got going on there.

    There was a  routine for both identifying them and curing them but you need a willing assistant so I never gave it a go.

    If googling isn't your friend, get back to me and I'll see if i can find it myself for you.

  • Definitely, maybe artificial intelligence will help invent one Thumbsup

  • As long as the AI didn't get ahead of itself and start removing the associations one wanted to keep. Scream

  • Ooh, thank you Mr I Sperg. I'm curious enough to want to google it. Relaxed

  • Remember, I didn't get to test the information, so it might not be good.

    But I always meant to get around to it...

    I'll be curious to hear how you do particularly if you get to test it out.

  • I didn't actually say I was curious enough to test it out though. Wink

    For now, I think I'll probably just refrain from watching certain music channels on my TV. Lol.

    Not sure I'm brave enough to be a guinea pig, just so I can satisfy your own curiosity and report back to you.