3 Good Things (Redux)

Since the thread, which began May 2021, seems to have vanished, I wish to create a new one. 

From Darkness to Light. Smiley

1. I paid for a condensed tumble dryer, which I reserved on Tuesday; for delivery, tomorrow. Also paid for a three-year warranty. (In cash) 

2. I made a poem, entitled 'Storm in a teacup', about the arrival of Agnes. (SEYMOUR!) 

3. Bought more Farm-Fresh milk today. 


  • 1. Visited a Christian Café, today.

    2. Got a collar, and Bell, for Hope; at the Jollye's in town.

    3. The Vet appointment is moved until Four, due to an emergency case.

  • doctor who recent episode 6

    doctor who "Daleks' Invasion of earth (S02, story 2, Hartnell)

    TNGs'  Q Who

  • 1. Hope woke me up, at 5 am, for her breakfast.

    2. Went back to bed until Noon, she demanded lunch.

    3. Ran my errands early, this afternoon, as I have Zoom commitments this evening.

    1. Got all my toys sorted for their summer camps. Usually they all go to the same camp but this year I made several camps so it could better suit their interests. They’re all packed, rode the bus, have their schedules, etc. In a few weeks I’ll have to start on their school plans for next year (which is quite the process..)
    2. Did a photo shoot with my toys, Yugi, Ross, Nacho, and Snowy (actually only Ross is mine the others are my sisters). They are all at fashion camp except Yugi is a famous fashion lady so they needed photos to put on the cover of her summer magazine. I also finished making the magazine with those photos
    3. Painted a box (and my hands by accident )
  • 1. My cleaner came, this morning.

    2. I got my car back, from the mechanic.

    3. Asked him for a WhatsApp breakdown of costs; I couldn't read his writing, on the receipt.

  • 1. I had an Elvis Presley day! I watched some Elvis films this morning, and since then I've been listening to his vinyl I own including an original copy of That's All Right from 1954.

    Nothing beats the King of Rock N Roll! Grin 

    2. I woke up early this morning so I could watch the sun rise. It was beauty in its purest form.

    3. I've been feeling better mentally lately. Onwards and upwards. 

  • In my town, a House owner is giving away free books and bookcases. I'd chosen three. Luckily bumped into my friend and chose one. 


    Collected the bread from the cheese shop.

  • 1) My son's hospital tests today show full health - no cancer relapse

    2) I have job that pays well even if it sometimes demoralizing. 

    3) I ate salad today (also chocolate, but focussing on the salad) Slight smile

  • and if you do bell a cat, ENSURE that you purchase a proper "break safe" / "break away" type so that if dear Hope goes rambling in brambles, thickets, hedges, or around agricultural wire / fixtures and fittings and gets into difficulties of being "snared" - she can escape with a brief struggle.

    I have no idea what the stats are these days with the new collars.....but the non-breakway types used in the 80's (when people seemed to first become concious to the frighteningly high wild bird kills in the UK due to domestic cats)....did have some tragic consequences - especially in rural areas.  I remember the news and feeling conflicted because we had cats at the time.

  • 1. Got a bus to a village, where I withdrew £400 cash at the Post Office there.

    2. I managed to reprimand Hope, for chasing a bird. 

    3. I have laundry out, on the line. 

  • I can never settle on how to sort it: by rarity, ink, movie, number… it’s complicated.

    That phrase hits my ears....direct from the resonance cannon!  We have different stuff, but the same challenges FH.

  • There’s loads to collect too which is nice.

    Yep. But it’s also kind of anxiety-inducing because I started collecting because I wanted all the Frozen cards (because it’s Frozen and I collect Frozen stuff), but now I feel like I have to finish the collection of ALL the cards. Except they keep making more Face palm tone2 so I’m trapped.

    Frozen is my favorite. The franchise in general, I can’t pick a favorite movie, book, short, etc. But my fav character is Anna. It’s one of my special interests. But I love all Disney movies or animated movies in general.

    I like to sort my Lorcana cards but I always end up putting them back the same way they originally were. I can never settle on how to sort it: by rarity, ink, movie, number… it’s complicated.

  • That sounds like a lot to me....There’s loads to collect too which is nice. I like the styles of the Lorcana cards, the foils are gorgeous. Yeah Encanto is one of my fav’s..though I love Frozen (1 & 2) and Moana as well, and all the Disney classics. Going to guess Frozen is my fav? I see Anna in your pfp ^^

    I collected Pokemon cards first...used to sit in my room every evening sorting them whilst listening to my Taylor Swift cds. I still collect them but Lorcana is my fav to collect now. I don’t know how many I’ve got actually, got to be over 200 for sure, but can’t be sure! Need to have a sorting/counting day soon then!

  • I don’t know what’s considered ‘many’ but I have 139 (not including repeats. otherwise 246). 

    That’s cool you got Bruno. My only Encanto card so far is Luisa. Is Encanto your favorite Disney movie?

    I used to collect Pokémon cards in elementary school but only had around 40 because my parents wouldn’t let me buy them. I just took all the rejects from boys at school.

  • Hi FH. Do you have many Lorcana cards? I collect them - and Pokemon- I recently got a new Bruno foil card, so happy to see Encanto cards finally being released. 

    1. Got new Lorcana cards (including a foil Anna and foil Hans)
    2. Went to bookstore yesterday and bought two books.
      3. My sister payed for one of the books (the more expensive one) which was nice.
    1. The milkman came this morning.
    2. It's dry, sunny and warm here today. 
    3. My online shopping order came early this morning.
  • I love Bob Dylan.

    Knocking On Heavens door is one of my favourites...