3 Good Things (Redux)

Since the thread, which began May 2021, seems to have vanished, I wish to create a new one. 

From Darkness to Light. Smiley

1. I paid for a condensed tumble dryer, which I reserved on Tuesday; for delivery, tomorrow. Also paid for a three-year warranty. (In cash) 

2. I made a poem, entitled 'Storm in a teacup', about the arrival of Agnes. (SEYMOUR!) 

3. Bought more Farm-Fresh milk today. 


  • The moderators have put The old Thread “under review.” You can still find it if you search For it but when you try to click it it gives you that message.

    as I’ve said before if you don’t like the arbitrary nature of the moderation, other forums do exist <_<

  • Yay go Desmond. I wondered where the original had gone. Thinking 

    1. I've been feeling much better, mentally, lately.

    2. Had a lovely turkey steak for my tea today.

    3. I heard from an old friend today, was lovely to catch up after so long.

  • 1. My condensed tumble dryer was delivered, today, and now in my shed.

    2. It's now dry enough to hang up Wednesday's laundry; one final hurrah.

    3. I ordered a carrier, for milk bottles, on Amazon; as Home Bargains had none in stock.

  • Cool thread Grinning 

    1. I ordered the new Ed Sheeran album this morning.

    2. The cat food I ordered from Amazon was delivered this afternoon. Gus my cat is more than pleased.

    3. I started watching The Thick Of It again today. I've seen it plenty of times before but always happy to watch it again.

  • I ordered the new Ed Sheeran album this morning.

    I didn't know you were a masochist. :P

  • Haha nice one that got a proper laugh from me reading this Sweat smile

  • Good evening,

    Spider️Rescued a spider from the washing line

    Hamburgerhad a vegetable burger in a roll (regular bread order from the cheese shop);

    Dog2Ignored the dogs in the town which get nervous about.

  • 1. Did less, today.

    2. Spent my cash, in hand, for Farm-Fresh Milk; plus sparkling water and a donation to the Chapel.

  • 1. My local GFC won the Tyrone Quarter Final they played, this afternoon. 

    2. Used the dishwasher, tonight.

    3. Dried laundry, this afternoon. 

  • 1. My trip to the dentist was a success, no meltdowns and my teeth are in good condition. The swollen tonsil wasn't mentioned so guessing that's just my anxiety making me think it's cancer. Stuck out tongue closed eyes 

    2. My online shopping order came yesterday afternoon.

    3. I've been sent a dispatch note letting me know I'll have my new wheelchair by the end of the week.