What food do you like?

I like:

Spicy mushrooms, onion, tinned tomato, with wholemeal spaghetti, broccoli, and cheese

Walkers plain crisps

M and S parsnip, honey, and black pepper crisps

Strawberrys, nectarine, and banana, with creme Fraiche

M and S macaroni cheese

Scrambled egg on toast

Beans on toast

Houmous and tomato rolls; with tea

Cream cheese and cucumber roll;with tea

Cheese and tomato roll; with tea

Stuffed pasta with spicy tomato sauce and broccolli

Quiche and potatoes, with salad and mayo

Pizza, with salad, potatoes, mayo

Apple crumble and yoghurt

M and S lamb curry (which I only have when with my parents), rice, and broccolli or asparagus

Homemade cauliflower cheese, with potatoes and veg

Scrambled egg with spinach and chips

Lentil and mushroom stew, with wholemeal spaghetti, veg

Spicy lentil and tomato soup, with naan bread

Spicy chickpeas, with naan bread

Butterbeans with mushrooms and cream

Kidney beans

Cheese on toast

Toasted teacakes/crumpets/muffins

Homemade cake/pie/biscuits etc

Dark and milk chocolate;with tea

M and S butternut squash lasagne

Garlic bread.

You can see that I like many different foods - the list could go on forever; but I am not a meat eater, although I do eat meat sometimes, but no chicken or pork anymore. I am also not keen on pickles or vinegar, but love a little spice.

 I am a food obsessive, but not an addict!


  • For me, it's




    Southern fried chicken

    Chicken Tikka

    Curry with noodles

    Spaghetti Bolongnaise

    Mainly the unhealthy stuff

  • I like most food.

    Can't eat all of it, though, because of my Crohn's.

  • I can it a lot, often joking that my black hole is still starving after 3 course meal.

    There is 3 things I do not eat, because they make my stomache and whole digestive tract queasy:



    Raw Cucumber, I get 3 days hick up additionaly when I eat a bit on top of quesiness,

    And there is few I love how it tastes:

    Sour cucumber, and drinking water left after you ate cucumbers, it is a good remedy for hangover btw.

    Sandwiche made of a slice of a seeded bread, with homemade pate and slices of sour cucumber on top

    Steamed carrots and brocoli. 7.5min for perfect crispyness and taste retention.

    Icecreams, all regular flavours except salted caramel in any form and ammount.

    Milkshake made of soured milk blended with strawberries. it is challenging these days to obtain real milk, that can sour.

    I will enjoy every finely cooked at home meal as well. 

    Exploring variaty of curries and I am amazed as well how rich and full of flavour they can be, my friend S. is from Leicester, he says I grew up on curry, that makes him a perfect tester and validator.