Fascinating Scam Call

I just had a call just now from an 'Energy Advisor' telling me my old fibreglass loft insulation is causing damp and mould and will need to be replaced and I needed an energy survey...  - blah, blah.   so I thought, ok, I'm in the mood - let's dance.... Smiley
It sounded like a real person on the line - so I was getting comfy for the long haul - until I asked some random (confusing) questions and it reset to a different point in it's presentation and exactly repeated a couple of its previous lines - it was a semi-intelligent AI system based on snippet recordings done by a real person which it then assembled into plausible sounding conversation - so it is an 'automated con-man'.     Once it decided I wasn't good prey, it cut off.     Shame - I would love to have tested the limits of its programming for much longer.

 I'm impressed!   Smiley    Turing test 2/10 - fail.    The number that comes up is 0113 509 7141

I wonder how many people get signed up for a new insulation scam....? 

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