Clouds with silver linings

Tomorrow, I hope to get the new car battery to sort me out for Winter.

Today, I drove to a park-and-ride to get a bus to Portadown - for the employability training. Today, I also got up to speed with the week which I didn't attend - last Monday - and will know where to drive to next Monday.

I took a roundabout way back to where my car was - train to Belfast, then a bus to the park-and-ride. At Lisburn Station, three Eastern European men - middle-aged, but look much older - were loud, abrasive and shared a vodka. It wasn't a good experience. However, it wasn't long until I got the bus from Belfast and drove home.

Today, I arranged a payment - with my brother- for the water bill which came in today's post, and I got meds delivered today. Slight smile

All's well that ends well. Slight smile