Will my children have autism?


I'm looking to connect with siblings of autistic people who have had children or would like to have children. 

My sister and I have a younger brother with low-functioning autism and complex needs, he needs at least 1-2-1 care. My mother has Asperger and her brother has mild autism and lives in a care home. 

As it seems its hereditary in my family, I have reached out to a doctors and have been referred to a genetics counselor. However, I understand they probably won't be able to tell me that much. 

We would like to hear your experiences. Do reach out 

Look forward to talking. 


  • It looks like my 10-month-old is autistic but before she was born I was worried that she might have the PNT. I guess we all think we have a better life? Now that she's here it's clear that I'd love her for who she is and that she'd bring incredible amounts of love and joy into my life regardless of her neurotype.

    Yes, autism is thought to be genetic and as such it can skip generations. I'm an autistic women and it sounds like you concerned that your potential child may have my neurotype. What is it that worries you about having an autistic child? I understand your brother has complex needs but there are also many children with the PNT who are born with conditions that require complex support.

  • Hi Marilyn,

    I was the first person in my family diagnosed with ASD, but in recent years my mother has found that a lot of her cousins and distant relatives have been diagnosed with it in adulthood, with and many late relatives are now suspected of having it, so it certainly seems to be at least somewhat genetic.

    It makes me reluctant to ever have children to the great disappointment of my girlfriend, as I'm scared they will face the same issues and treatments that I have.

  • Knowing what I know today, I don't think I would have wanted children.

    I have a diagnosis, although I seem to be doing rather well. My brother is having all the signs of it. His son has a diagnosis.

    My father committed suicide when I was 9.I suspect the autism came from my father, but on my mother's side there's also a lot going on.

    Her mother, my grandmother is described as somebody with ADHD, with type 1 diabetes also. Her sister was put in a nursing home from a rather young age (50 or so). My mother was once in a mental institution at the age of 18. My father committed suicide, so did the husband of the sister of my mom. Her son then also committed suicide after she passed away. My younger sister is now in a mental institution, my older sister is also under heavy medication. I remember her to have a manic phase once. I remember my mother telling me once that there was something in the family that seems to pass especially in the female lineage. 

    My daughter told me once before I had the diagnosis that she didn't want children. Then that felt a bit unpleasant, now I think it's probably a good thing. 

    She also gets to talk to a psychologist, although I think she'll be fine, she had a good childhood and my wife is a fantastic mother to both children.