What are your special talents?

I've read before that Autistic people can have special talents. Do you know what yours is yet?

Mine are singing, doing multiple voices and acting, all of which I do extremely well so I am told Slight smile

I look forward to hearing yours.


  • Oh this question puts a lot of pressure ..  I don't have  a flashy special talent..:)

    But it's good to learn that you have one.

  • Does memorise scientific names of animals and plants count?

  • I don't see why it shouldn't count. What's the Linnean name for the pied wagtail? Goose? What's the biggest clade they have in common?

    I suppose my special talent is troubleshooting, systems thinking, summarising lots of information and other abstract mental abilities, except sticking to the point.

  • Let's see: Motacilla alba, order passeriformes; Anser anser, order anseriformes. They're not very closely related.

    Troubleshooting sounds very useful.

  • Thanks. That's a talent. According to Wikipedia the common clade is infraclass Neognathae. So, yes, basically 'birds'.

    I wish I knew more birds - I like to recognise a wagtail, but people I know are getting excited about nuthatches and blackcaps, and I don't think I'd recognise them...

  • Greetings to All. Regarding "Special talents"... I think the Official Term being sought here is a "SAVANT": 'Autistic Savant', "Savant Syndrome"... that sort of thing.

    Have fun looking that word up. But best of all is to have fun finding out Stengths & Positives for Oneself, & and then using that to ensure Happiness /Saftey /Security ...

    Slight smile

  • (  Glad Tidings, Sir Cassie... I see this and I want to say something but I am still afraid of chat (& hackers) and am also wondering why there has not been a free-for-all "Wildlife" Thread still started yet. ("Plastic" began a serious Thread a Month ago, though.)

    I see the Long Tailed <censored word> a lot in London. Yet I was thinking about all this Greek Stuff You and Wagtail say... slightly joking, here, but, knowing such things into Adulthood whilst outside of the Career it concerns is likely a talent for sure.

    Yet I am a Dinosaur Fan Myself, and so recalling those names while being Four times older than a Ten Year Old Child, could be seen as a bit of a "gift" too, maybe...? Procompsognathus. Parasaurolophus. Heterodontosaurus. ...I also wonder why there is no proper Dinosaur Thread yet either... (!)

    Also it is useful to know Old Greek to understand Medical Terms; "CSI" used to be very annoying with its overuse of the term "subdermal haematoma" (bruising). And there is/was science fiction such as Star Trek...

    I am half joking and half serious... so do not worry about My post here too much anyone. Have a nice day. )

  • I know a lot of back roads in certain local areas. Handy, should there be road blocks.

  • Mine is playing spontaneous music by ear and being able to play along to songs i've never heard before, also if I just hum a random record (eg pick one...bohemian rhapsody)  I usually "pitch" it in the right key , without reminding myself of the recording first. I also taught myself several instruments.  

    I'm also able to map a lot of information in my head (my mind map) in several dimensions, like pivot tables.

    Many years ago I was also a tetris champion, we played it on the computers after work. 

  • Best way to become familiar with birds is to hang feeders in your garden, if you can.