Black Lives Matter Campaign

I know that in the current climate, that this subject is delicate and controversial overall. However, does anyone else feel that the "Black Lives Matter Campaign" has gone too far? I think that it should be "ALL Lives Matter".

Voice actors from many popular animated series are stepping down from their roles because "They are considered racist".

The MINORITY (I add in capital letters) of the black ethnicity of the population, seem to be using it as an excuse to commit acts of extreme public disorder and destruction of property for no good reason.

I can remember, as a small child, watching Tom and Jerry cartoons that had the character of Mammy Two Shoes. Of course, I was only about 6 at the time, and I was unaware of the subject of racism. I also, currently, watch classic British sitcoms such as "Love Thy Neighbour", Til' Death us Do Part", "In Sickness and In Health" among others, which WOULD NOT be shown today. I don't think that sitcoms such as this were ever meant to be offensive. They were simply meant to be funny. Many members of the cast of these sitcoms that were enemies ON-SCREEN, were actually best friends OFF-SCREEN. 

The American group "The Dixie Chicks" have changed their name.

The USA can't escape their historical connection to the Triangular Trade, and their Confederate history any more than the UK can. It wasn't a good period in either nations histories. However, we can take a lesson from those that are depicted in statues and other works of art, in the manner that "These people did this, don't make their mistakes".

I am a descendant of the generation of the "Baby-Boomers" that would often be considered to be racist. However, my parents don't care about a person's ethnicity, as long as THEY are treated with the same respect and dignity that they would give anyone else.

What are your views?

  • Be careful with expressing that wrongthink, lives get ruined for less in these strange times we live in.

  • It reminds me a little bit of climate change.  It's often said that individual action can only do so much about that, because the system is wrong, the infrastructure is set up in such a way that it's impossible for people to lead their lives and get carbon emissions down as far as they need to be.  They can make some difference, but it won't be enough to keep below the 2 degree temperature increase unless things are changed on a larger scale.  But individuals can't do anything about that unless companies and governments do so instead campaigns make a big fuss about things individuals can do (not leaving electrical devices on standby is the most notorious example) that really don't make that much difference.

    In the same way, some of the things that are happening that got people angry in the first place are drastic.  This started over a man being killed.  People have been killed by police in America, some even here, people can't get jobs, people are stuck in dead-end estates riddled with gangs.  But there's nothing most ordinary civilians can personally do about that, not being in the police etc., but everybody is telling everybody that they can't just stand by and must do something and make more effort, so everybody is being made to feel guilty about the most insignificant and unimportant things because "everyone is part of the problem" and that's all anyone can find to accuse them of, like using the wrong word about something - not insults, just not realising that a new approved "sensitive" term has been introduced since last week - or just not feeling sufficiently guilty about things, as if that was important compared to, say, a man being killed by police.

    Of course that's just my opinion and I really know nothing about it.

  • BLM has NOTHING to do with skin colour or black lives - it's a well funded Marxist political group working to divide & conquer to overthrow governments.      While they are burning and destroying everything to do with a country's culture and history, you don't hear a thing from them about the 103 black people shot by other black people last weekend in Chicago - a Democrat-run  'gun free zone'. 

    The typical BLM supporter is totally clueless and insulated from the real world and living in their mommy's basement.    They have no idea about the true intentions of the group - they are 'useful idiots'.    Same goes for Sunrise, Antifa, Momentum etc. - pathetic trouble makers with i-phones.   

    The whole thing is a scam for weak minded, self-loathing white liberals to feel good about 'sticking it to the man' while patronisingly having the racism and bigotry of low expectations of black people.     The 'liberals' are the most illiberal people on the planet.    

    And they are so lacking in self awareness that they can't even see it.

    What's hilarious is in the USA, the Democrats were the original slave owners and since the 1960s, through destructive social programs, they've managed to keep the black people in the poor neighbourhoods and instead of farming cotton, they are farming them for their votes.      And they vote for them.   

    You'll notice that the only cities burning are Democrat run, Democrat governors, mayors, chief of police etc. - and have been for decades - so how come they claim there's so much racism there.      Zero critical thinking.

    This bunch come out of the woodwork every 4 years to sway US elections - and Soros is getting desperate to get a return on all the money he's invested in trying to destroy the West..

    All the tactics they use are straight from the 'Rules for Radicals' by Saul Alinsky (a Chicago gangster and Hilary Clinton's hero).