SEND Advice

Hi all,

I wonder if I could ask for a bit of advice please?

My 12, nearly 13 year old son currently has no school.  He did attend a mainstream secondary school until end of Feb 2020, when he was permanently excluded due to his ADHD/Aspergers/PDA.  They could not ensure he was safe or the other pupils were safe.

We are awaiting the outcome of an EHCP, which has been recommended by CAHMS that he go to a Specialist school.  However, we have been told that even with the EHCP, there is still a long waiting list for a specialist school.

We currently live in Surrey and to be honest with you, I feel that the Surrey SEND is appalling.

Can anyone tell me what is the best County to live in that has a good SEND?  We are prepared to move anywhere to get my son the support he needs.

Many thanks in advance.

  • SEND across the country is underfunded, my high school back in 2007 has had SEND resources and learning centre and to be honest with you it was used as a break room for the teaching assistants. the SEND specialist and facilities let me go through school without suggesting or getting me tested for autism, dyspraxia , dyslexia. CAMHS was just as bad after I had finished high school in getting me diagnosed and it took 6 years and in the end I had to go to another organisation to be tested because CAMHS was poorly ran. this has meant I have gotten a autism diagnosis but I haven't been able to get my dyspraxia & dyslexia which has meant I am unable to apply or ask for support for these learning difficulties.

    I have been in the same position as your child be excluded because they believe I'm a danger to the other children and I can honestly say this is teacher talk for not having the ability understand and make reasonable adaptions in the school so he can function relatively well and its being motivated financially. if your son has hit another student it more than a likely a retaliation from other student picking on him. moving else where is not going to make it any better the whole country is a mess.         

  • hey, 

    I know that Leicester is good but they are full in majority of specialist schools. 

    I went to a school in burton who specialised in autism and they were in Burton on Trent Staffordshire. 

    please do not hesitate to ask me for more information 

    good luck please let us know if you find any.