Let’s Be Socially Unisolated! (Whilst still physically isolated!)

So this is beyond bold for me and I’m actually getting anxious suggesting this but here goes... 

As many with autism struggle with social isolation as it is, being physically told to stay at home compounds the issue. So shall we all try to help one another by trying to connect a little? I’m not suggesting people slap their contact details on here and of course sensible precautions should be applied when talking to new people etc (U shan’t preach on this but be safe and sensible) but if we all tried to start a few conversations with other members, it could lighten their day or help them through a pretty tough period. 

I’m sure this forum has a message service if people want to get conversational, so maybe use that?

Obviously we should respect that not everyone would want this, so maybe if this is of interest then post something saying so here and maybe send a message to some others who have posted here too.

Together we can be physically isolated but not lonely

Im anxious now :-/ my ides may get shot down, but I’ll be the first to raise my hand and say ‘I’m in ‘.