Coping with autism

hello . My name is Janet . Until recently I did not know I was autistic. I am at times struggling to embrace this fact . Has anyone else had the same issue

  • For me its a burden and a gift, I can be super anti social and anxious for no reason, yet certain substances make me feel more normal, such as Valium and certain stims. BUT neither of these are good for your health long term and they can be addictive so Id advice against them, I feel my Autism has given me the smarts, yet the ability to be social  is difficult. Im easily distracted yet I can be hyper focused on a project then a few weeks later ill drop it because it becomes boring and I move onto something else.

    I think medication helps, because they effect the dopamine system which makes you feel good and activates the reward system which gives you the drive to get things done. I have a degree in pharmacology so I know what Im doing, I just wish I didn't have to take medication.

    I do feel at times that when people find out Im autistic they think im stupid, might just me being paranoid, IDK.
    When my brother was in a wheel chair, people would often talk down to him,he had broken legs not a broken brain.
    Yet people treated him differently like a child, very annoying.

  • The double-edged sword.

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