I hate the wind

I hate the wind in generally as the noise is just too much for me; however these storms and gale force winds are sending my anxiety into overdrive.

It makes me a nervous wreck and very emotional which isn't like me normally.  

I find I constantly have to check nothing is damaged at my house and everyone is ok, which means I am not going to rest until it is over and I will be exhausted in the process. :-( 

  • I welcomed this mornings wind and rain because I got some of my freeview channels back.

    The freeview in my area was updated on 5 Feb. And I lost all my tv channels, no tv for four days, I tried retuning multiple times, I rang the freeview helpline, I complained to the landlord, asking for a new and better ariel.  Still no channels

    Now with a change to wet and windy weather, I tried retuning for the nth time, and I am receiving a few weak tv channels.

  • Later this morning we had some thunder.

    I love a good storm, the wind and rain clears the atmosphere and I take better quality photographs, with the pollution gone.

  • I wear earplugs to help reduce the noise and help me relax. Maybe it's something you could try? Slight smile I hope you get some rest soon. 

  • Sorry to hear you're finding it so stressful. I don't get anxious over storms, but I do have OCD and anxiety, so I really appreciate how awful it is when you're feeling that way.

    My best advice would be to get the curtains closed, get some relaxing music or a good film/TV programme on, and try to do whatever helps you to relax until it passes. Just try to distract yourself from it as best you can.

  • Well I think it was the worst storm for a long time. I hate it too because it's hard to go out and walk in and I was worried something will damage my car plus the noise was annoying, my flat has a wooden frame so was shaking like an earthquake

  • Yeah me too.I get a nervous feeling I can't explain.I just pray and hope it goes away quickly.its pretty hard at the moment with this weather.I put music on and put earplugs on and go from there, hope your feeling better.

  • Noise is a significant issue for us. I don't play music with headphones, for fear of tinnitus. I listen to music on my own, or with an artist friend of mine - not in public.

    My main issue with the wind is driving on a motorway/exposed ground while there are high winds. I fear losing control of my car. However, prayer keeps me safe behind the wheel. Slight smile

    My nan taught me to dig ditches beside a field - next to my front gate - to filter rainwater into the stream. That reduces flooding next to my driveway.

    Winter weather is a drag.