Starting a relationship with someone


Having fallen for someone who I suspect has high functioning autism I don't know how or should I say we don't know how to take the next step in formulating a relationship. 

Neither of us will ask the other about our feelings- I don't want to push him.

I decided to let him have his own time to and thought he would eventually. It's been at least two years now. We see each other daily for around two hrs. Totally obsessed with each other, He told his only friend about me. Communication is tough with bad anxiety when he talks to me. So we don't talk as I don't want to stress him. He can't approach me and when I have he may need two weeks to calm down after it. Each time its 30secs long and he can barely make eye contact. Yet he can often make continuous eye contact at a distance to me. 

Oh I need help with this !!