2am. Just woke up again and can't sleep.

When I am sleeping it's just nightmares.  I've just woken up from one.

So I'll just blog about my days.

My days are busy,  but I can't find a paid job to pay the rent. 

I get referred from one advisor to another.  My mental health employment advisor has now referred me to scope, the scope advisor has recommended more training and courses to fill my skills gap.

In the last few weeks I've done week long courses on:

  1. Introduction to customer care. 
  2. Customer care plus.
  3. Introduction to business administration. 
  4. Introduction to retail. 

One day courses on:

  1. Managing personal finance.
  2. Health and safety. 
  3. Equality and diversity 
  4. Healthy living.

Now I'm taking the functional English course, trying to get up to an acceptable level 2 in English. The formal grammar and jargon is gobbledegook to me.

Tomorrow I also have an interview for more unpaid volunteering work, greeting people arriving in hospitals.

What a life. I wish I was born an eccentric millionaire. 

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