Mad Sunday

Just popping head in. Been sooooo busy today.

Joined Abel & Cole with the family. Got loads of veg to prep today. Lots of new food for the Parrots too. 

Purply sweet potatoes, golden beets, sprout tops and other stuff. Oh and a Yacon!

Chop, wash, blanche, (fine chop for the birds), bag-up, freeze.

Some of this stuff I've never tried before. I like this. Just can't get the organic selection in the shops.

I'm pooped. And now have to get on with the ordinary sunday things

  • Sounds like a busy day! I grow our own veggies which is good. I'm growing a few new varieties next year on the allotment. It's my special interest so it's easy for me to keep it up. I've just read this morning until church. Then I made dinner. Now relaxing (trying to as anxiety is high)