Soap operas

i detest these shows its almost like theres a negative energy coming out of the tv straight into my soul.i have to walk out of room when wifes has one on. any one else get this feeling.? 

  • I certainly felt like that 10 years ago, and even now if I'm tired or on the edge of overwhelm I find the energy too much and have to leave or use noise cancelling earplugs & music. Over the years, I've come to accept that if I want to spend time in my own lounge & sit with my wife then I need to tolerate soaps. Sometimes I have enjoyed the story lines too. Recently we have found some excellent dramas that we *both* engage with (Killing Eve, Luther, and the thing about "H" and "Bent coppers" come straight to mind) and -joy of joys - they are good enough to displace soaps to daytime catch-up viewing for my wife whilst I'm at work :-). New examples aren't always available though (we even judge new dramas according to whether it is better or not as good as Luther).