Persecution of those with ASD.


Has anyone else noticed that a lot of persecution seems to happen to people with ASD?

Those that seem to hold a higher intelligence/ Talent etc. Are persecuted more and more.

The real cretins of this world, tend to prefer to persecute those that actually possess the ability to change the world for the better. Why does that seem to be? Those that are put on Earth to make it for the better for those that are already here.

Jealousy, resentment etc.?

  • Viewed from an ethnographic perspective, autism is too often described as a constellation of medicalised differences and deficits. This erodes and degrades the public perception of autism. Consequently, a positive interpretation that would allow an autistic contribution to human diversity and creativity, is buried beneath an ever increasing mountain of research that separates and divides autism from the general population.

    Prevailing biological and psychological descriptions of autism as ‘other’, fail to appreciate the reality of autistic experience, its authenticity, and ignore social context.

    The biomedical representation of autism employs similar discourse to that used in the study of cancer and neurodegenerative disease. Social distinctions are mistakenly described as biological. This prevents the emergence of an autistic culture and sociality that could enrich society through its unique perspective and enable autism to play a fulfilling and positive role.