Will I ever find MY happy ever after?

I know that I have given others similar advice on this forum. Is it just POSSIBLE that I a may find MY happily ever after, or am I just doomed to flit from one disaster to another?

I keep trying and trying, but I just keep being constantly fobbed off!

  • I feel for you. I believe you will.

    You're nice and have a great taste in music.

    It's so hard when you're in that time that you're lonely without anyone, I'm there myself. It seems like it will never end. And there is that animal in all of us, we are still animals even though we have these advanced brains and all this technology. We have a need for someone to build a nest with (unless we're asexual).

    With myself I'm wondering if I need to try new things, if I just haven't quite found the right interest or place to go, or way of meeting someone, is there something I haven't thought of. Maybe it's the same for you, not sure.

  • You might find those moments best come to you in small, unexpected and perhaps rather undramatic ways. You might argue that is the best way to begin generating some happiness, and that bigger things can grow gradually from that. That seems to be how it is with me.

  • Yes! I was diagnosed as autistic 2 years ago next Friday. Knowing who I am and why I do the things I do has enabled me to transform my life. Have you written a list of what happenises would look like for you so you can set small goals and work towards them? For example, happiness for me is:

    • My own home (so I saved up a deposit over a number of years)
    • A partner where we are both commited to the relationship and love each other - I used internet dating and persevered even though I had a number of relationships that didn't work out - I found the one at 34
    • Stop teaching at HE level as it doesn't meet my needs as a ND individual - I have quit my job, am studying a PhD to develop a new specialism and am doing the groundwork to set up my own social enterprise, which will utilise my teaching skills
  • i feel the same way, its hard meeting a girl.  Im Jake, ill be yalls friend,.  Keep your head up, and keep trying . Ill pray for you to.