Inappropriate Social Greetings!

Does anyone else struggle sometimes to do ‘appropriate’ greetings? You know, as the social skills textbook instructs, especially when hugely distracted by something else? Usually I can manage it, but this morning I may have managed to diversify!

I happened to need to pop to the Scout shop this morning to buy some badges for my Beavers. After I got out of my car I realised that there was what looked like a dead hedgehog by the side of the car park. So I had to stop for a few minutes to investigate whether a) it was actually a hedgehog, and b) it was actually dead. So after establishing those facts, I walked into the shop and rather than doing the textbook greeting, I just said “there’s a dead hedgehog in the car park!” Luckily they were fine with it, they even asked what group scarf it was wearing  BUT this really isn’t the appropriate way for me to greet people who I haven’t seen for a few months!!

Parents Reply
  • if I wanted slobber, I'd get a dog!

    Love it!  Yes, exactly that (and it's also partly why I much prefer cats to dogs, too!)

    When I was little, I used to be the same with having my chin wiped. My Mum was in the habit of keeping a bit of tissue tucked up her sleeve for this purpose, which she'd sometimes wet by [redacted!] - I usually felt much more gross post-wipe than I had to begin with!