Next year I want to change something in my life which has been a burnden for me

I'm preparing myself for next year when I will start to get some womens fashion to try out and see what it feels like to wear, because for the last few years and especially this last year my body has been increasingly getting more curious to try women clothes as I see women trying mens clothes with ease. 

So I'm looking at starting next year with getting some leggings and top which are suitable for yoga purposes because yoga mainly women dominanted anyways and legging seems to the most confy going. I also want to find out how you get way with bold patterns and prints when us men wear boring bottoms. 

I used to be really into yoga and went to the local sport centre for classes for around 8 months but I stopped because of the issue I have when out in public with my eyes being drawn to women clothing trying to work out where they are from and they look on the person. 

So if this all goes well next year, I would then slowly start trying other fashion and everything women wear to experience everything from wearing tight fitting clothes to oversized clothes. to wear virtuall nothing at all. 

I'm trying to wait until I leave independantly because my mum is too big on the idea of me wearing the other gender fashion and sometimes I wish i was born a girl but I'm also wishing to be girl in my next life.