What’s the weirdest dream you’ve ever had?

More light hearted fun Slight smile 

What’s the weirdest dream you’ve ever had?

I’ll start, though mine was slightly more night terror than dream! One night last year I was dreaming that I was looking around my grandparents old house, except that there was an extra bit of house at the back, behind where the stairs were, so I went to explore it when suddenly a ghost jumped out and grabbed me by the wrists! I could physically feel something holding my wrists too, I remember physically shaking myself to wake up! Had to sleep with the door ajar for a few weeks afterwards too!

  • Most of my dreams are anxious night terrors. The theme is often that someone is invading, Russia or zombies or ghost pirates or whatever. It's often about gathering supplies and going into hiding. And I often dream my parents die. "More light hearted fun" :D SORRY.

  • On a slightly more fun note, I one time woke up to having an orgasm. There was no touching involved. It blew my mind.

  • I had an opposite one this morning - the end part of one of my dreams was we ended up in a grotty 70s pub on a council estate - it was busy for a lunchtime and they had a disco/performance area in the far corner all painted matt black and we were standing near there around a long, tall table.   The far side had drawers in it.   Along come 3 young girls who were going to be giving a demonstration that evening of complicated bondage - they were really rough looking.   As I was the nearest, they volunteered me to be their practice bunny and I remember laughing at all their cheapo Anne-Summers gear coming out of the drawers and the fact they didn't seem able to tie knots properly.    I remember getting all tied up and feeling so comfortable in this predicament that I fell asleep in this position within my own dream.    Anti-climax and then some.... Disappointed

    I remember waking up within the dream and the pub was empty and I'd been untied and left on the floor sound asleep for the afternoon.  Even their dirty, smelly carpet was quite comfy.  Smiley

  • I can imagine that it would be an anti-climax for most men, falling asleep while being tied up by 3 female 'entertainers'! 

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