Help - sleeping

Hi, my son is 8 and has recently been referred for the MAAT assessment through school. He has always showed signs of autism but professionals blamed it on his lack of communication and speech. Called him immature. However we are now getting the help we need.

He has always been a good sleeper from being a baby. However the past few years, he has been falling asleep during school time. He appears to sleep well however he sleep walks, talks, grinds his teeth and has very vivid dreams.

I don't think he is getting the rest he needs. His senco at school advised me to take him to the doctors which I have done. 

Talk about making you feel like a bad parent. The first thing she said to me was "well I can't give him tablets". I for one know this and told her about his struggles. She blamed his diet, which I know is not very good as he struggles with new foods, only eats bland food and appears to have a fear. We are working on this as a family.

She lectured him and was trying to answers from him about why he won't Tey new foods and must have gone through every food chain bombarding him with questions.

Anyway she basically told me to join a forum and ask for advice (very helpful) and sent me on my way.

Has anyone else's child been like this with sleep? What is your advice?

Thank you. 

  • while i was only diagnosed recently i have always had sleep issues, mainly idiopathic hypersomnia. this means that i sleep excessively and i havent felt refreshed when i wake up in a very very long time. I heard that autistic people do have sleep issues at a higher rate than neurotypicals. if its persistent it might be a god idea to ask for a sleep study maybe. i wasnt taken seriously for over a decade with my sleep issues. after i sleep study was done i finally got a diagnosis and some treatment.

  • Try rubbing lavender essential oil on his forehead ten minutes before he goes to bed. See if this helps. I've used lavender especially when it's hot and more difficult time to get sound sleep. It works for me.