Does my partner have enough Autistic symptoms to be assessed?


My partner is 28 years old, I have been with him for 10 years now and he really has struggled for a long time since a child with a number of difficulties that are associated with autism! 

These are; 

- very poor social and communication skills

- Can’t Make / maintain friendships very well/ only has 1 friend. 

- lack of empathy and compassion towards others (even with me and his family) 

- very high sensitivity to light, certain things to touch 

- mood swings/ angry outbursts/ hostile 

- finds it hard to tell me his feelings and emotions- finds it easier to put in txt or writing. 

- good memory/ remembers little details 

- finds it hard to compliment or praise - will pick the negative out of everything

- struggles in groups of people with social gatherings or work meetings- he feels overwhelmed and socially awkward. 

- cannot manage his own outgoings/debt 

- clumsy 

- not very tolerant of loud noises/ people 

can anybody give me some advice please? Thanks! 

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