Aspie on a narrowboat

My other half has recently discovered a really good YouTube vlog. He started watching it because it's about narrowboats and cruising England's canals, which he is really interested in. The presenters are a couple who are so funny and really present well together and they have covered the build of their boat from ordering it to launching it, and then their adventures living aboard.

One of the guys, Colin, has ASD and he did a really honest and well done vlog about it. My OH alerted me to that and it was not only interesting from a personal point of view (I have Asperger's too, and many of our traits are so similar I was starting to wonder if Colin is my long-lost brother or something!), but also because he explained things so well that I think it helped my partner to understand what it's like a whole lot better than I have ever managed to explain.

It is not a vlog about ASD, but he is very honest about how it affects him and meltdowns are not hidden away but talked about. His appreciation for how his husband looks after him when this happens is heartwarming as well. He's got a keeper there.

Anyway, check it out if you like canals, narrowboats, or are just interested in seeing something new! They are called Foxes Afloat and their boat is the Silver Fox. Enjoy :-)