Life After Diagnosis.

I've hit a point after receiving my diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Condition of the Aspergers type just recently, and I have realised that although it has given me many answers to my life struggles and also that I can now try and take my mask off in social situations a bit more and actually be the real person I am, that it still will not sink in with close family that I have this condition and that I can still annoy people. 

I was maybe hoping for more understanding from my wife most of all because I am hardwork and make mistakes or disagree with her opinion or say things how it is or don't complement her which can be annoying for her etc etc, but when I mention I have my AS to her all I  get is "oh that's your excuse is it"? When in actual fact I'm not using it as an excuse if I make a mistake by saying something or doing something inappropriate at the time it would actually be nice to have acknowledged why I am in that way. She is a nice person but this annoys me.

The diagnosis will never change who I am but I was hoping for a better understanding from her. One of the constant struggles is my special interest gets in the way of spending time together. 

Also I have come to the conclusion where I don't want to let my employer know even though part of me tells me to mention it so work could possibly be a little less stressful.

Another thing that's annoying me is knowing that I'll always be on and off medication just to get by in life because my brain isn't wired up like it should be to cope with every day activities like NT's.

I wonder if anyone else had lots of different thoughts after receiving their diagnosis?