Autism And Internet 'Friends' are just as Good/Bad In Real Life (Delete where applicable).

Firstly -- Please do not post Quotes Here outside of this Thread.

My Main Question is: What to do when, after having made Two or more "Friends" anywhere (Internet or Real Life), then One Friend insists upon NOT talking to the Other Friend?

I make Friends, and they All reciprocate My Respect at them. But Then one day, one or more of them has an argument. Then they state what is virtually a Command: Do not talk to that other Person! And so after that, talking to one offends the other one very very deeply, --- they say. They no longer want anything to do with each other.
But I respect ALL of them, yet am treated as if either upon one side or another, and if I speak to one about the other one, then it offends them or it offends the other one --- they say.
...The reasons are seen as irrelevant. But I am not happy, because My Friends are not as happy. They once were happy, but now they say that no-one is allowed to make them happy *together* anymore... Yet I Myself still want to make My "Friends" happy... but they forbid it!

...Keeping the Title of this Thread in mind, might anyone else have another solution? The Title is a reason why I do not seek out "Friendships" anymore. All I can think of is either throwing huge amounts of CASH at everyone, which I cannot afford to do... or just leaving ALL of those Friends completely. I am very Loyal, & I do not care for casual-association, or duplicity, or upsetting people... which is why I try to do as they say... but I cannot operate under such contradiction. They can, but I cannot, it seems.

Maybe someone else here can offer a point-of-view which I do not have, but I expect this to be confusing to many, and that this should be a very short Thread. (!)