Finally got my first appointment!

I have finally recieved details of my first appointment after waiting a year and a half. I kind of have mixed emotions for example part of me feels happy I will finally be assessed but another part of me feels nervous as I don't know what to expect. I have been told it will be 4 hours long and I am bringing my wife and previous school reports. I did notice alot in my reports about being easily distracted in class and looking puzzled and having lack of concentration so I'm interested to find out if there is a link with possible ADHD? other comments like he will only read books of interest otherwise he will show no interest at all. Seems to do well in maths, science, art, technology : ).

I guess everyone is different after reading about autism and I could infect turn out not to be on the spectrum which would be a big surprise to me but obviously a specialist should know what to look for and be able to come to some conclusion.

Is 4 hours the norm for first appointment? I am interested to hear.