White flag?

Hello everyone 

There has been a massive amount of tension and alot of arguments on this site recently.

I know that my opinion is not worth anything and that I have no right to comment on others but I just wanted to suggest maybe calling a truce?

One side said things that shouldn't have been said 

The other side felt compelled to speak out 

Leading to accusations of bullying 

From middle ground I can see both sides believe they are right both sides standing up for what they believe. 

But you are all tearing each other to shreds and neither side will back down or win. There is no winner here. 

Is it possible for all of us to just say sorry for any pain or upset we have caused (intentional or not)  and just move on 

Everyone has different opinions/beliefs/personal truths that is what separates us we don't have to agree with other people's and may even think them ridiculous but that is our opinion on it. 

Going round and round hurting each other and yourself in the process is pointless 

So as I said I know my opinion is not worth anything but just wanted to suggest, a sorry all, white flag approach.