Does anyone else fantasy about things like there Wedding Day e.t.c

I'm wondering if anyone else has ever fantasied about there dream wedding day or any similar life events which they have yet to experience and waiting for the moment for it too happen, as lately been fantasying about my dream wedding but I'm single and no sign of my future bride to be in the near future. 

My dream day would be a truely no conventional wedding following no traditions what so ever, i know for a austitic person that can be challenging but for me it a chance for me to experience everything new in one day and one of these experience would be me seeing what if feels like to be bride and wear the traditional bride outfit and all what the bride would experience e.t.c then rest of will be truely unique to fit my personaility. 

Because wedding days are only time you could protential any of this special magic creating stuff so you might as well go all guns blazing. 

I know i fantasy alot because of my condition trying to figure out what everyone purpose is on this planet by trying to step in to there shoes no matter the gender. 

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