Dealing With Spam and Blocking Hacks

Does anyone get spam or need to block people sometimes?

I get both its so annoying- there's these Spam organisations set up in England that just keep on phoning people 

I dont know how to block them its not as easy as blocking someone on facebook.

Has anyone got any hacks to stop this spamming?

  • Pick up the phone, say "Wait a minute", and walk off leaving them on the end of the phone indefinitely.

    Doesn't stop spam, but it's funny at least.....

  • You can do number blocking, but they are resourceful and do voice over Internet from around the world.

    Your phone provider or certain phones allow you to block unfamiliar numbers

  • Yes - every single land line call - every single call is spam, so I never answer the land line ever. 

    On mobile - same thing, 9/10 call are spam. 

    Folk don’t call each other anymore. They text or email or WhatsApp. 

  • I end up answering the call in another language and the other side have no idea as it is not on the script.  Less than a minute and they are gone.  Telephone Preference Service and/or linking Personal and Professional phone numbers seems to be common too.  

    On the mobile phone it is easy to quickly add the number as blocked, Outlook rules are great too.