A Royal Wedding, Huzzah!

Good Fortune to all who may read.

I honestly have no idea why I begin this Thread, yet it is begun nonetheless, and I do feel quite strongly about it. I very much like and respect Queen And Country. And...This is my first and maybe last attempt at a POLL. (I might also expect this to be a very short Thread.)

What think anyone here, of Our Great Royal Family...?

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  • but it should be easy to find out I guess.

    ...Thanks to the "joys" of The Internet, I just looked up and found out this:

    The full name is something like: Henry Charles Albert David Mountbatten-Windsor

    "Prince Harry’s title is His Royal Highness Prince Henry of Wales."

    And ...

    harry potter 1997
    Prince Henry 1984

    ...But I say what I said because Harry Potter is still so very popular, and people called thier children "Harry" rather than "Harold". Prince William could be called "Bill", but that does not happen. I do acknowledge what you say, Miss Endymion...! 

    If I ever met Mr Prince, I would call him Henry and never Harry, but that is maybe my own pedantic-Aspergers, Ho-Ho...!     :-D