Being treated like a child

Hello I feel really angry about being treated like a child when I am now almost 20 years of age in April like not being listened to or understood like an adult, a lot of things like some jobs, renting or buying certain cars or other vehicles, cervical screening for women, young drivers no longer being allowed to drive at night time and also children's services being up to 25 when this is getting so stupid as I have read in the past about an article when a lot of people have said before that 25 would never be the new 18 in which I have always found true as we are all adults before we are 25 years of age. I feel like I need to talk to someone or a lot more people a lot about this as I want their opinion about this and what they think and I am hoping a lot of them would agree with me on it and also say that adolescence does not really end at age 25 like they keep saying online or anywhere else.