Feeling vindicated at 64


Not entirely sure what to write to introduce myself - it's almost as bad as having to talk to strangers in real life.  I got my diagnosis of autism yesterday with a recommendation of also getting reassessed for ADHD (I had an ADHD assessment over 2 years ago but wasn't given the diagnosis as they felt my inattentiveness was possibly due to autism - and I presented no evidence of hyperactivity)  

So at the age of 64 I now have a new identity as an autistic person!  This is something I have assumed for quite a while but it does feel different to actually be given the official diagnosis. I don't yet know what it will mean to me and what difference it will make to my future life but I do feel a sense of vindication and relief. After a lifetime of feeling slightly out of kilter with the rest of the world, and gradually realising over the last 10 years or so that I do have a number of autistic traits, it feels good to have that affirmed. 

But for now I feel I need to slowly get used to the label - and explore more about what it means to be an autistic woman. Suspect it might become my new special interest for a while....